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Looking forward

As we launch toward the end of spring, it feels unfathomable that half a year is almost up. However, I am very much looking forward to a number of fun shows and festivals this summer.

Indigo Girls - June-July dates…Read more

a tumultuous start

I am writing this from Tampa where I'm attending a conference for D'Addario, as well as playing a couple shows Sat. and Sun. with Indigo Girls, coincidentally also in the Tampa area. I realized how lax I've been in writing…Read more

'One Lost Day' and summer tour

Well, the new Indigo Girls album comes out on June 2nd and I am extremely proud to be on it. The songs sound great and you can stream and/or download them in advance through a variety of different ways. Stream…Read more

New releases, new dates

One of my favorite metal bands, SIGH, are releasing their latest album, 'Graveward', on May 5th. I am so proud to have been able to play on a few tracks on it. If you're a fan of really eclectic heavy…Read more

Recording frenzy

Writing from the recording studio where Indigo Girls are finishing up their tracks for their latest album. This fall and winter have been very busy with some exciting new recording projects. I was honored to be on a few tracks…Read more